Moffitt – 1209 Southwood Blvd, Arlington, Tx 76013 – March, 2014 – $5,000

The customer had old/traditional shrubs they wanted removed and small narrow bed of groundcover between the entry sidewalk and circle drive they wanted to do something with.

Solution: We recommended removing the existing sidewalk, enlarging the bed and using existing boulders and river rocks for a new xeriscaped bed. We brought in organic bedding mix to add to existing soil resulting in improved soil and a raised bed. We had to design plants that could handle sun and shade and incorporate some existing, established shrubs and trees they wanted to keep.



Other Projects:

Gray – 106 N. Clinton Avenue, Dallas, Tx 75208 – February, 2014 – $7,500

The customer had a heavily shaded backyard and three large dogs that contributed to the difficulty of growing turf grass. They also wanted an area in the backyard adjacent to their existing deck where they could entertain guests and enjoy sitting around their fire pit.

Solution: We designed areas of hardscape to do away with most of the struggling turf grass incorporating decomposed/crushed granite and two inch thick, Oklahoma Hickory flagstone. The flagstone was used for a path from the deck to the back guest house/garage and also a seating area for the fire pit. We also designed a narrow flower bed between the seating area and the existing wood fence. Heavy shade required designing the flower bed with shade tolerant plants. The soil was amended with expanded shale and organic bedding mix, topped with cedar mulch. We left an area of St. Augustine grass for the dogs to enjoy. All the material on this job had to moved to the front of the property to the back by wheelbarrow…3 cubic yards of soil, 12 cubic yards (9 tons) of decomposed granite and one ton of flagstone.

Mcgee – 4210 Tracey Court, Midlothian, Tx 76065 – November, 2013 – $11,000

The customer had a severe slope problem from front (left), left side and rear of house resulting in erosion. Being in full shade limited the growth of plants/roots contributing to further erosion.

Solution: Install a retaining wall of 80 lb. stones with a base of decomposed/crushed granite and paver sand and backfill of drainage pipe, rock and landscape fabric/liner.

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